Device Compatibility

Wireless charging has simplified the way we can charge our devices by eliminating the need to physically plug a cable into our phones. With wireless charging we simply place our smartphones on a wireless charger and they instantly begin to charge.

While wireless charging is becoming increasing popular, it is not currently available in all phone models. It is essential to understand if your smartphone is compatible before you purchase a wireless charger.

There are a range of competing standards when it comes to wireless charging. It is important to choose a wireless charger that supports the same wireless standard as your smartphone.

All Cygnett wireless chargers embrace Qi wireless charging, a standard also supported by popular smartphone brands like Apple and Samsung. This means you can rest assured that popular smartphones like iPhone and Samsung Galaxy will seamlessly charge on a Cygnett wireless charger.


Apple introduced Qi wireless charging in all their iPhone models from iPhone 8 onwards, below is the full list of iPhones compatible with our wireless chargers.

- iPhone 12 Mini
- iPhone 12 Pro Max
- iPhone 12 Pro
- iPhone 12

- iPhone SE (2nd generation)
- iPhone 11 Pro Max
- iPhone 11 Pro
- iPhone 11
- iPhone XR
- iPhone XS Max
- iPhone XS
- iPhone X
- iPhone 8 Plus
- iPhone 8
- AirPods 2nd Generation (wireless charging case)
- AirPods Pro

* iPhone 12 Pro Max is not compatible with Prime 10W Wireless Charger


Samsung have been using Qi wireless charging for a longer time, but they have not consistently included wireless charging in all their models from a certain date. This makes it more challenging to identify which models are wireless compatible. Below is the full list of Samsung phone models compatible with our wireless chargers.

- Galaxy S20 Ultra
- Galaxy S20+
- Galaxy S20
- Galaxy S10+
- Galaxy S10
- Galaxy S10e
- Galaxy S9+
- Galaxy S9
- Galaxy S8+
- Galaxy S8
- Galaxy Note20 Ultra
- Galaxy Note20
- Galaxy Note 10+
- Galaxy Note 10
- Galaxy Note 9
- Galaxy Note 8


Many other smartphone manufacturers have incorporated Qi wireless charging into their devices. While these devices are likely to work with our Cygnett wireless chargers, they have not yet all been tested by us and confirmed to be compatible. Below is the list of smartphones we have tested and found to be compatible with our wireless chargers.

- Pixel 4 XL,
- Pixel 4,
- Pixel 3a XL,
- Pixel 3a,
- Pixel 3 XL,
- Pixel 3

As digital brands continue to expand and evolve their wireless technology, we will continue to update our compatibility information to ensure you are always aware of how our products can best work with your new device.