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5 unconventional items you can charge with a power bank

By Cygnett,

When we buy a power bank it is usually with the aim of keeping our primary devices charged, but there are many other USB powered devices that a power bank can charge. Here are some unexpected items you can charge with a power bank.


1. Get a jump start

Restrictions are starting to be reduced, and we are slowly getting out and about again. This is exciting, but it also means that some of us are starting cars and other vehicles that have been sitting dormant for some time. When a vehicle hasn't been used in a while, the battery is often flat, and therefore it won't start without a boost. When this happens, the vehicle may need a jumpstart to get it running. We have a power bank, the ChargeUp Auto, which can be used to jumpstart most vehicles safely and effectively, without the need for another vehicle. It comes with everything you need, including the jumper leads. The ChargeUp Auto even doubles as a regular power bank which can be used to charge other USB devices such as phones and tablets.


2. Keep your speaker going

Portable speakers are great for when you are listening to music outside or when you can't find a convenient power outlet, but often their batteries run out, cutting off the music and the fun. Cygnett can help you keep the music playing by utilising one of our power banks. By plugging the speaker into a power bank, you can keep the music playing while it charges, without compromising its portability.


3. Extend your fly time

Most drones have rechargeable batteries, but when you are using your drone in a more remote place, or you are using it for travel, it is not always convenient or possible to charge it through an outlet. A great way to ensure you always have enough flying time no matter where you are is to have a power bank on hand to charge your drone. Cygnett has a range of power banks that can easily charge your USB compatible drone. It is important to note that not all drones charge via USB, and some have batteries that aren't compatible with power bank charging, so it's important to find out what kind of drone you have before you purchase a power bank to charge it.


4. Stay lit up

As we have been inside more than ever, many of us are rediscovering our bicycles and finding they are a great way of getting fresh air while maintaining our distance. Most bicycle riders know that an important safety feature to have functional bicycle lights. It is imperative that these lights are charged when you need them otherwise, you may find yourself riding in the dark, which can be quite hazardous. A lot of bicycle lights are USB rechargeable, which means you can charge them with a Cygnett power bank. To make sure you are never riding without light, make sure you 5. keep a power bank on hand.

5. Humidifiers and Diffusers

Humidifiers and diffusers are used to alter the air in a space, humidifiers add moisture to the air and are said to reduce irritating dryness, while diffusers disperse essential oils into the air creating soothing scents. These devices come in a portable format giving you the versatility to move them to any room in the house, or even take them with you wherever you go. You maintain your humidifier or diffusers power without compromising its portability by using a portable power bank. Having a power bank with your humidifier or diffuser is like having a backup generator, making sure it is running when you need it.



When selecting a power bank to charge your device, make sure you take note of how much power your device requires as well as how much the power bank is capable of outputting, as not all power banks are capable of charging all USB devices. If your device charges with USB-A, make sure you look for a power bank with at least an 18W USB-A output to ensure it is powerful enough to charge most USB powered devices.

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