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6 Magnetic ideas to organise your life

By Cygnett,

It is common to lose or misplace everyday household items simply because we don’t have a convenient place to put them. Our versatile Magnetic Multi-Use Disc can mount a range of different devices or products so that they are safe and easy to find. Each mount comes with adhesive metal plates that can be attached to any item or surface you like in order to make it mountable. We have put together a list of great ideas to show you how to use the magnetic disc mounts to organise items you may not have thought of.

1. Keep it Sharp

Finding the right place to store sharp knives can be a challenge, as the two most common places are in a draw or a knife block. Keeping sharp knives in draws can be dangerous as well as damaging to your knives, while knife blocks are bulky and take up precious bench space. Using our magnetic discs to mount your knives not only clears up bench space and keeps your knives sharp, it also lets you display all your favourite knives proudly on your wall.

2. Show off your wrench

Tool sheds are often chaotic places, which makes keeping track of tools hard. While we often have the best intentions when it comes to keeping them organised, by the very nature of draws and workbenches, things get mixed up and misplaced. Our magnetic disc mounts can organise your tools by mounting them wherever you need. Mounting your tools gets them up and out of the way which gives you more space to work, minimises the risk of accidents, and keeps little hands away. Having your tools on display can also save you time and money, as you can clearly see what you have.

3. The key to organisation

Keys are one of the most common things we misplace around the house, as we freely place them down without taking note of where we put them. We are often told it is helpful to get into the habit of leaving our keys in the same spot when we get home, but not all of us have a convenient place to leave them. One way to save space and keep your keys organised is to use one of our magnetic disc mounts to hold your keys wherever you want. You could even line up several discs to hold multiple keys in the same spot, without getting them mixed up.

4. Take it outdoors

With the rise in popularity of smaller, more portable barbeques like the Weber Q’s, finding a convenient place to put your barbeque tools can be difficult. While traditional barbeques have hangers attached, the minimalist approach of these newer style barbeques means that you need a more creative solution when you are looking to store your barbeque specific tools. Many barbeque tools are at least partially metal, which makes our magnetic discs ideal for holding them. You can use a few of our magnetic disc mounts to hold your barbeque tools wherever you need them, keeping them organised and out of the way.

5. You’ll be stoked

When you have a wood fire in your house, having a fire stoker next to the fireplace is essential. Many fire stokers come with stands that let you keep them close at hand, but as those who have a fireplace know, these stands can be bulky and awkward to place aesthetically. A solution to this problem is to mount your fire stoker on the side of your fireplace; you could even mount other fire tools such as shovels and brushes. Our magnetic discs can hold your fire tools next to your fireplace, making them easily accessible, and minimising clutter around your fireplace.

6. Quick Thirst

Many of us have multiple cluttered draws where we keep our kitchen tools and finding a specific device like a bottle opener when you need it can be tricky. Our magnetic disc mount can alleviate this problem by allowing you to mount everyday kitchen tools like bottle openers to the fridge or wall. Having a bottle opener mounted to the fridge means that you will never again have to scour your kitchen draws looking for it.

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